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48mm x 50m Brown Paper Tape – FRAGILE HANDLE ME WITH CARE

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48mm x 50M Brown Paper Tape printed FRAGILE HANDLE ME WITH CARE – This is an effective, more eco-friendly and on trend alternative to traditional polypropylene tape. Sealing your cartons or marking shipments with this self-adhesive Fragile printed Paper Tape will ensure they are handled with care on their way to your customer.

Weight0.250 kg
Dimensions11 × 11 × 5 cm

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48mm x 50m

This Brown Paper Tape printed FRAGILE HANDLE ME WITH CARE is an made from saturated paper tape. This is an effective and on trend alternative to traditional polypropylene and PVC tape. In addition to its better environmental benefits, sealing your cartons or marking shipments with this printed warning message will ensure a safer transit to your customer.

The paper tape print displays “Fragile handle me with care”. With a semi- creped finish, it is equivalent to our standard brown paper tape. We score the adhesion and peeling 8 out of 10. 

Please note that we recommend to use several layers for heavy parcels. In addition, We suggest that you use our brown paper tapes to complement this tape in order to bring the cost down.

Brown Paper Tape printed FRAGILE HANDLE ME WITH CARE Main Features

  • Our standard saturated paper tapes are acid-free
  • Our Paper Tape printed FRAGILE HANDLE ME WITH CARE is easy to tear, strong and instantly sticks to smooth or uneven surfaces.
  • Paper tape is suitable for use in fluctuating temperatures
  • Recycle along with corrugated boxes
  • 100% vegan friendly
  • Recyclable
  • Great Alternative to polypropylene tape
  • Natural Rubber Self Adhesive – 
  • Made from sustainable materials
  • Self-adhesive paper tape – no water needed for activation, forms a strong, long lasting, highly adhesive bond
  • Craft and framing industry widely use the tape for picture framing
  • Sticks to all carton surfaces
  • Strong resistance to moisture and humidity
  •  60gsm paper tape with a natural rubber adhesive.
  • Our Paper Tape printed FRAGILE HANDLE ME WITH CARE Can be written on –
  • Great for packing, masking, picture framing, craft, packaging, gift wrapping, parcels sealing and more 

Warning to consumers

To advertise self-adhesive tapes as biodegradable or/and compostable, is misleading.

Please note that self-adhesive tapes cannot be left in landfill, they need to be processed via an industrial recycling centre; they are not biodegradable and they are not compostable due to material used for the adhesives (Hotmelt, solvent, natural rubber).

However, there are various levels of sustainability between self-adhesive tapes. For instance, kraft paper tapes (non coated) are greener than framer’s tape as they use kraft paper whilst the later use saturated paper (soaked in an emulsion). In terms of adhesive, Solvent adhesive paper tapes use more fossil materials than natural rubber adhesives.

The only biodegradable and compostable paper tapes are water activated tapes. Water activated tapes use adhesive made from natural starch (potatoes etc). They can be return in nature as they will simply transformed in their natural state (i.e. soil)

Damming plastic report

In the UK it is estimated that five million tonnes of plastic is used every year, nearly half of which is packaging. Plastic waste often does not decompose and can last centuries in landfill, or else end up as litter in the natural environment, which in turn can pollute soils, rivers and oceans, and harm the creatures that inhabit them.

Plastic is choking our oceans.

Sir David Attenborough told us during Blue Planet 2 that, we dump eight million tonnes of plastic into the sea every year. It’s killing and harming marine life.

  • Turtles eat plastic bags mistaking them for jellyfish
  • Fisherman find Seabirds with their stomachs full of plastic items
  • Plastic debris lodge in coral and affect the health of reefs
  • Animals like plankton consume the Microplastics which in turn gets the problem back up the food chain to us.

Research found Plastic in the deepest reaches of the ocean, and even in remote Arctic sea ice. It?s a sobering example of our footprint on Earth.

To sum up, as our plastic consumption is skyrocketing, it’s clear that we urgently need to act. So why not making a simple change by switching to brown paper tape. This one simple single change can make a big difference towards a plastic free world.


Weight0.250 kg
Dimensions11 × 11 × 5 cm


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