What is Hot-Melt Adhesive

What is Hot-Melt Adhesive Hot melt adhesives are thermoplastic materials comprised of stabilizers, additives, pigments and polymers sold in solid, cylindrically shaped sticks or pellets.

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Natural Bristles – Brush Fibres

The definitive guide to natural bristles with 18 different types of eco-friendly bristles Click here for the definition of Bristle  Aphandra (Aphandra Natalia) The West

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Plastic recycling Symbols

PLastic Recycling Symbols Guide

Plastic Recycling Symbols Guide Table Below we have collected all plastic recycling symbols together with their description and real-life examples. Code PET HDPE PVC LDPE

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Hot Melt Adhesive

What is hotmelt adhesive Hot-melt adhesives, also known as hot glue, are solvent-free, thermoplastic materials that are supplied in a solid chicklet, or block form,

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